Tyranny of the Few

by This Side of Anarchy

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2nd full length album. 18 songs of "old fashioned mosh rock" & "classic counterculture" Includes 4 brand new tracks and album versions of songs from the EP's I Have a plan and Devils May Pass


released October 11, 2019


all rights reserved



This Side of Anarchy Los Angeles, California

The culmination of one man's journey through The Pinnacle of Punk Rock from the 80s through the new millennium until now. Having diverse origins in rock, pop, blues, heavy metal, and Punk, Dennis revised his craft and developed a sound all his own and is now ANGRIER than ever at our society's state of affairs. Has been recently described as old fashioned mosh rock and classic counterculture. ... more

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Track Name: Death Wish (Album Version)
Death Wish

Trolling for bikers
Looking for a ride
She needed a thrill
She had to feel alive
Going down the five
At a high rate of speed
Luckily she's still here
She really felt free

She had a death wish, death wish
She had a death wish, death wish
She had a death wish, death wish
I wonder why
She had a death Wish, death wish
She had a death wish, death wish
She had a death wish, death wish

Hitting the corners
Inches from the ground
What was she thinking, it wasn't sound
She didn't care, just wanted a thrill
Speed was it, even if it killed
Track Name: Who Are You (Album Version)
Who Are You

Who are you to tell me what to do

Get out of my car, get out of my house
Get out of my life, gimme liberty now
You can't legislate, against stupidity

Who are you to tell me what to do

Get out of my head, get out of my mind
Get out of my job, ya make life a crime
You can't legislate, against others hate

Who are you to tell me what to do
Track Name: Chuck and Nancy
Chuck and Nancy

It's the same old story
Here we go again
It's Chuck and Nancy
All they do is tax and spend

Chuck and Nancy
Chuck and Nancy
Chuck and Nancy
(1,3,5)Epitome of idiocy
(2,4,5)They want to take your liberty

They claim they do it for you
Boy do they have you fooled
They claim they know how to spend
Your money better than you do

Can't you see they're dangerous
For the life of you and me
They just want to change us
So we forget we're that born to be free

Among the richest
Members in Congress
They've taken money
From you and me
Same old shit all over again
Why can't they let us be
Can't you see they're on the
Poster for leftist idiocy

They've been in congress
Way too long
And don't live in reality
They wield way too much power
That they've taken from you and me

They want us all to be socialist
Which means we won't be free
They tell you that they'll tax the rich
They lie they lie c'mon don't believe
Track Name: Tyranny of the Few
Tyranny of the Few

A small but loud group
With no brains
The thought police
Don't let you do anything
Some nut from the EPA
Biased and unelected
Will make us pay

Tyranny of the Few
They're so bored with nothing to do
They're empty inside
And have no clue
And they'll lie to you

Some nut from the FDA
Unelected, telling me the drugs
That I can take
They think they protect me
From myself
I don’t need your so called help

Some nut up in the sky
With a bomb because
He wants us to die
Now the airport has long lines
We are paying
For someone else's crime

If 1 percent are gluten free
Why does that mean we all have to be
Even less have a peanut allergy
Forcing compassion only kills society
10% have control of your life
That's just not right
We've got to begin to fight
Telling the rest of us what to do
The loud and unelected
Wanna control the few

One judge that has no clue
Suspends the rights of me and you
One nut ruins everything
Breaks in and steals a precious thing

I wake up to the FBI
Pointing guns at me I'm asking why
An unknown law is to blame
Watch out it could be you someday
Track Name: What Is Truth? (Album Version)
What is Truth?

What is truth is the question of the day
You say it's yes and they say it's nay
If ya can't tell right from wrong
Maybe that's been your problem all along

Pontius Pilate is asking you
Is Rome still here? What is True?
Why are we living in the past
Falling like Rome way too fast

So much propaganda on all sides
Can’t tell what’s the truth
And what is a lie
They say truth will set you free
Who's truth will you believe?

Hollywood propaganda
Brainwashing you
Everything they tell you isn't true
They lie with the ease
That you breathe
Find the truth and you'll be free
Believe with your eyes
Not what experts say
Believe the science
Not what activists claim
They've cried wolf too many times
Find the truth
And don't believe their lies

What is True, I'm asking you
To find out, And wade through
All the lies they're telling you
What is True? I'm asking you
Track Name: Animals (Album Version)
Track Name: Uno Momento Por Favor
Uno Momento Por Favor
Track Name: Phd

Your Phd means nothing to me
A waste of time, a waste of money

You can't tell - you're being lied to
You think that - you're learning the truth
Self-evident common sense
Turned on its head
Agenda trumps the truth
Freedom of thought is dead

Irrational, prejudiced and intolerant
Forgive them
For they've gone to college.
Where you get indoctrination
Instead of an education

Power's hijacked truth
Making you blind
Professors controlling your mind
Truth is not whatever you feel
That's a fact, believe in something real

A Phd means nothing to me
It's a degree in fantasy
A Phd means nothing to me
You have no life, don’t know reality

Everything ya learn - is only theory
From a book - man that's scary
You can speak - when you agree
Open your mind - it will set you free

You think you know better than me
Because you got a Phd
You're blind and cannot see
Your academic idiocy

A Master Degree In Stupidity
Has made you blind so you cannot see
Your Phd means nothing to me
You wasted your time, wasted money
Track Name: I Have a Plan (Album Version)
I Have a Plan

I have a plan

I’m a politician
And I want to control you
Not only that, I want your money too
I know I’m smarter
I know how to spend it better than you
I’ll tell you things aren’t fair
I'll tax the rich, but I’ll really tax you

My plan is to micro manage
Every aspect of your life
I am going to tell you what you can do
And what you can't
You really don't know what you want
But I do
I can get all your needs fulfilled
You don't need anyone else

I have a plan

I just want to be left alone!
Track Name: L.A.'s Burning
L.A.’s Burning

Everything is burning
Down the 405
Fire on the freeway
On the morning drive
From the Valley to Ventura
Everything's up in smoke
The fire keeps raging
Burning a thousand homes

LA's burning, LA's on fire
Smoke and ash all around
The situation is dire
LA's burning, LA's on fire
It's out of control, hundreds will die

Staying inside as the fire rages on
Looking at the rubble
Of million dollar homes
Watching non-stop coverage on my TV
Hurricane force winds
Making fire burn everything

LA's burning, LA's on fire
LA's burning, the situation is dire
LA's burning, LA's on fire
LA's burning, LA's on fire
Track Name: Don't Take Everything So Seriously
Don't take Everything so seriously
Chill out, relax
Track Name: Sick and Tired (Album Version)
Sick and Tired

You project what you do
I am no tool to use
You're doing what you claim I do
You claim to build me up
But you only tear me down
You think you’re a king without a crown

Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Of having to choose
Between what’s bad and what’s worse
My choices are few

Like Sheep without a shepherd
They don't know what to do
They’re lost & they blindly follow you
You reward the guilty
And punish the innocent
Sick and tired of it
Being at my expense

Deconstruction; De-evolution;
Demoralisation; the damage is done.
Denunciation; Desensitisation;
Dissipation; the damage is done.

Sick and tired of being
Track Name: Offended (Album Version)

Offended by your offense of me
Offended by your insanity
Offended by your offense of everything
Offended by your idiocy
Offended immediately
Offended that you're ruining society

Offended, you have no reason to be
Offended, it's just stupidity
Offended, you're showing your ignorancy
Offended, get a life stop being offended

Offended cause your black or white
Offended every day and night
Offended by offending everyone in sight
Offended with all your might
Offended you don't get a life
Offended you'll have to pay a price

Offended ya think lies are true
Offended ya think red is blue
Offended cause you always misconstrue
Offended cause you're being rude
Offended because you delude
Offended cause you have nothing else to do

Offended, you have no reason to be
Offended, it's just stupidity
Offended, you're showing your ignorancy
Offended, just stop being offended
Track Name: Don't Be Scared (Album Version)
Don’t Be Scared

Don't let fear control your life
They just want to polarize
Like New Age inquisitors
Oppress, divide and blur
Irrational fear has got a hold of you
A dose of reality will get you through
Nothing to fear but fear itself
Don’t waste your fear on anything else

Don't be scared, it's all you gotta do
Don't be scared, it's what will get you through
Don't be scared, don't let them get to you
Don't be scared, why not try something new

Don't be weak anymore
Gotta be strong to win the war
The fight is within, that's for sure
You gotta be bold to change your mold
And look at your own sin

Live your life don't be afraid
Live the truth no matter what they say
The right kind of fear will protect
The wrong kind will destroy it
Look forward don't look behind
You won't need a trigger warning
And hear the truth with no restraint
Then you can deal with anything
Track Name: Do Something Disease (Album Version)
Do Something Disease

Disease, Disease
The Do Something Disease

When you think that something’s wrong
You think you know better
And we’ll just go along
You think you can do it
Because you’re strong
You think a law will fix it
But you’d be wrong

Elite, elite, you think you’re so elite

You have to control me all the time
You wanna make everything a crime
You want to make me
Spend every dime
You don’t care how you do it
You’ll always lie

Greed, greed, it's all about your greed

Money and power
Just makes you insane
You don’t care how you do it
You’ll do it with disdain
You’ll get you want
No matter who you cause pain
You won’t listen to anyone
When they complain
Track Name: Orange is Blue (Album Version)
Orange is Blue

When truth isn't on your side
You change the word's meaning
Which makes it a lie
You redefine words so you feel good
You try to make me think
Like you think I should

You try to tell me orange is blue
Telling me lies and not truth
Deluding yourself isn’t good
Truth doesn’t matter like it should

You try to change reality
By changing what words mean
You try to change what I think
And manipulate me
You try tell me Left is Right
Up is Down, Black is White
You try to tell me Hot is Cold
Day is Night, Young is Old

Deluding yourself
Thinking you're always right
You think it’s true, but it's all lies
You can’t see, cause you’re blind
Orange is Blue, you’re outta your mind

Left is Right, Up is Down
Orange is Blue, Black is White
Hot is Cold, Day is Night
Orange is Blue, Black is White

Lying to yourself, not living in reality
Changing rhetoric, causing insanity
Denying the truth, giving in to fantasy
You decide to spew
Extra strength stupidity
Track Name: Police State USA (Album Version)
Police State USA

Who do they think they are
They think they can tell me what to do
Biased and unelected
Power hungry through and through

Police State USA
There's way too many rules
They've taken away our rights
They take our freedoms too
Police State USA
They won't change, it's no use
The only chance we have is
Electing people that aren't obtuse

Unelected people
In positions of authority
Making government agency rules
So they can take our liberty
Get rid of the FDA IRS EPA
Get rid of the DOE USDA
Get rid of the ED OSHA
Get rid of FEMA & the DEA

Who do they think they are
These crazy people
Don't let em take our freedom
Don't let em be so lethal
Track Name: Devils May Pass (Album Version)
Devils May Pass

I've got your number
I know what you're trying to do
You are tempting me
Why don't you stop so I can be free

Devils may pass, I don't need you
Devils may pass, I don't need you
Devils may pass
Tempting me, through and through
Devils May Pass, just let me be
Devils May Pass, just let me be
Devils May Pass
Don't bother tempting me

Please just leave
Just go on by
Get out of my head
And leave me alone

Instant gratification
It’s what you do
Happiness takes time
A fact that is so sublime

Tempting me with evil
That looks so beautiful
You want my soul
With you for eternity

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