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No Heroes

by This Side of Anarchy

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Opinions 01:53
Everyone's got an opinion Don't you know It's just an opinion With nothing to show Not the truth But given with gusto Just an opinion That you can veto Opinions are like ass wholes Everyone's got one And They all stink They think theirs is right And yours is wrong It's just an opinion Why can't we get along Don't take it so seriously It's just an opinion That's what freedom means Watch out when they claim that it's the truth It's only their opinion don't be fooled They think they 're opinion is fact And I'll have none of that You want your way and you don't care You got so many opinions to spare Making it up as you go along You think all your opinions make you strong
E.P.A. 01:54
You think you know better but you really don't An elitist ruling from your throne Your irrational rules make me groan You've created too many rules You think you know better and I'm the fool And your empty causes will keep us in line As long as we pay, ya think it's fine I don't believe you it's overblown Lying is your cornerstone Your inflated numbers make me cry To get your way you'll claim I'll die Enough Protection Already Leave me alone I know how to protect myself And I know that truth can't be felt You just want to save the world It's not working it's come unfurled Enough Protection Already Leave me alone
Question authority Question everything And then question it again Question authority What happened to that belief Question Authority I learned that in 1960 Doesn't anyone ask why anymore? Mindlessly following along is what I abhor Question Everything That's the best place to begin Question Everything Avoid propaganda and media spin Question Authority It's been brainwashed out of you Question Authority They no longer teach it in school Don't believe what you see on the news Corporate propaganda served up to you Question Everything And question yourself within Question Everything And then question again
Give Me Some 02:30
I work so hard everyday Working working for little pay I work so hard that I get a raise What does the old Uncle Sam say? The more you make the more I take You made more money, Give me some The government sucks the life out of everything Federal state and every city All they do is take from everyone They say what they always say You made more money Give me some I made more money so I can survive It's a wonder I'm still alive I was hoping to get a break But all I do is suffocate And now I'm so irate Because I just gave it all to the state I just made 20 & they took half Uncle Sam just sits back and laughs Let me live my life for heaven's sake The more I make the more you take
Apathy 02:44
Sure, the world is lame All you do is complain There's no one else to blame Because you won't do anything Apathy You’re filled with apathy Apathy You’re filled with apathy Because you just don't care And you don't want to feel despair You follow along You don't think that you're strong You don't have a mind of your own You don't feel you belong You've gotta change your mentality To get back your humanity You live in a world of fantasy Changing is not blasphemy Anyway the wind blows That's where you go There you go again If you don't fight they will win. The world isn't to blame For you being so lame You got to do more than complain Get off your ass and do something
Sitting in a room with no doors Looking at the ceiling & and the floor Trapped with no escape I can't handle all this hate From The New Puritans Think what they think Say what they say If you don't you'll have hell to pay Their tolerance is a one-way street Another one of their skewed beliefs You are free to believe what you want As long as they agree Don't go along with what they say Tell them to let you be! They make them self above the law Don't let them succeed We gotta stand up and fight Time to put aside our apathy They proclaim that you're guilty With no evidence And you're never allowed to prove That you are innocent It's The New Puritans They're the New Puritans Beware of the New Puritans
Spewing lies to manipulate You think they report truth Corporation news They're manipulating you It's all lies - American Pravda It's in disguise - American Pravda Makes you blind - American Pravda Truth undermined - American Pravda The Communist News Network Their propaganda abounds Don't ever listen to them They lie with every sound If it's on the news you know it's a lie Question Everything why don't you give it a try They rush to judgement not checking the facts Regurgitating trash It's just a propaganda pit Don't you ever listen to it You can't trust anything they say It's all about money The Press is your god What they say isn't even true They have their agenda it's Money and not the truth
Bacon Time 01:37
I woke up this morning and made my eggs I had my coffee and then I said I gotta butter my toast Then make what I love most It's bacon time it's bacon time Time for lunch I wanna hear that crunch I don't care what I make But it must have bacon For heaven sake It's bacon time it's bacon time Dinner time with no bacon Is a colossal crime So I better get to makin it Cause it's Bacon Time Bacon Time it's no crime Bacon Time My kind of wine Bacon Time Don't be blind Bacon Time You're so kind Bacon Time It's so fine Bacon Time Bacon Time I have a love affair with bacon Too bad, sorry I'm taken When I awake I'll be makin Bacon with side of bacon
Insatany 01:55
Just because you say it doesn't mean it's true You've skewed reality like you always do The spirit of confusion has arrived He is here and He divides Insatany Satanic laced Insanity Sensationalized fiction masquerading as truth Satan's on the loose and coming for you His lies and confusion are his masterpiece Believe them and you'll never find peace Uses compassion and goodness against you Uses fear and fantasy to make you a fool Idiocy and Evil are now combined So under your radar it makes you blind
Same old shit different day Sick and tired of the old same news Don't know what to do to get through Gonna do it somehow someway Same old shit but a different day Same thing different day Same old shit don't wanna play Getting out don't want to stay Same old shit different day Ready to hear some new bad news And feel the same old blues Everything is still in disarray Same old shit but a different day Same thing different day New year, don't wanna play Won't matter anyway Same old shit different day Feel like I wanna fade away Leave and go far away I've been lead astray I need a fuckin holiday Same old shit different day
Covid-19 01:55
And just like that the world shuts down Nothing like we've ever seen Everywhere it's a ghost town Not sure what's going on Everyone must stay at home Isolate yourself and be alone Covid 19 Unlike anything we've seen Covid 19 It's an alternate reality Covid 19 I just wanna scream Covid 19 Too bad it's not a dream We're all going to die if you don't comply I'd rather be free But that's just me Only they can save you so they think Watch out it may be only the beginning Never let a crisis go to waste The government always thinks they're so great In the guise of protecting you Making you think they're caring when they're really cruel And just like that they take over your life They hurt the poor with thousand dollar fines Everyone's doing their part to make themselves feel good But do they care like they really should Martial law cause you might get the flu A manufactured crisis for your better safe than sorry attitude I'm more scared of the response than the virus itself They'll take your freedom and say it's for your health We're no longer the land of the free We're now the land of scared little sheep Watch out it maybe only the beginning
No Heroes 01:42
Put up on a pedestal they don't deserve Proclaimed a hero for going to work It doesn't even matter if they're really a jerk Their special treatment is so absurd They think they're a hero for doing their job And they're important and we are not Everyone has got their role We're in this together don't you know They're really not better than anyone else Claim they care and wanna help They're idolized unnecessarily We all do our part can't ya see No Heroes! No Heroes! No more heroes to look to No Heroes! No Heroes! They've got you fooled No Heroes! No Heroes! I know it's taboo No Heroes! No Heroes! Just an idea for further review Gave peace a chance and then got shot An idol they're certainly not They're not really special, they're just like you We each have a gift that we use No more heroes They'll always fail No more heroes They'll die or end up in jail No more heroes It's the same old tale
Life Sucks 00:50
Life Sucks and then you die Life sucks and then you die That's a fact I don't know why Sick and tired I no longer try Life Sucks and then you die
Every 12 years they say we're all going to die How many times before you realize it's just a lie Another 12 years another false outcry All they want to do is sway and vilify In the year 1965 Sayin the weather changed Became their battle cry Claiming that we're the ones to blame But in 1987 the weather's the same Another 12 years And we're still here Another 12 years And one thing's clear Another 12 years There's nothing to fear Another 12 years Let's have a beer In the year 1999 Nothing's really changed It's all been fine 12 years later in 2011 They're still using fear as their favorite weapon Why would you ever believe Al Gore The money grubbing scum steals from the poor Oceans will rise by 2011 Just one more thing that never happened I can just about guarantee It'll be the same in 2023 They've cried wolf too many times But somehow, they never pay for they're crime In 2035 We'll all still be alive Will we finally learn our lesson In 2047 Will we end our obsession When there is no Armageddon
You're so bored and have no life Searching tweets from years ago Trying to find something you don't like You think you're woke but it ain't so Don't you know you're the wicked woke Too bad you think reality is a joke You look at everything with a microscope It's gotta change or there's no hope Being woke is your new religion Thinking that it's a better one But it's more intolerant and it divides Something that can't be denied You don't realize you're empty inside You think you're the only one that's right You'll do anything you'll even lie Because you can't handle what's wrong with your life You can't control yourself So you control everyone else Don't be a part of the wicked woke Don't let your life be a joke
You have no privacy You can't go anywhere to be free Cameras everywhere They're watching you despair And you just don't care You're being watched No matter where you go You're being watched From above and below You're being watched It's the status quo You're being watched Don't you know there's no privacy There's nothing you can do that I can't see Watch what you say online It'll be there for all time They're watching you everywhere And you just don't seem to care They're watching you up and down In and out, here and there They tell you that they're helping you And make you think it's really cool But then they know how you think Abusing your data really stinks They claim it's for security And say what it takes to deceive Is that what you call being free It doesn't sound like it to me We ignored warnings of 1984 They're spying at your door There's nowhere left to hide No matter how hard you have tried
There is no forgiveness anymore Watch out society will settle the score One mistake and you'll have me die I can't explain myself because you won't even let me try Don't you know there's No Forgiveness You apologize but they just don't care Don't you know there's No Forgiveness You say sorry it means nothing so don't even try No more humor allowed You may offend Guilty even though proven innocent Any evidence has been ignored You said something long ago Now it's wrong just because they said it's so Excoriated because of the past This no forgiveness cannot last It doesn't matter to them that your life's been destroyed We've gone back to pagan times Where they kill you for your crime Forgiveness is the way that will save the world There is no forgiveness left inside of you You don't care about anyone else that is why you're so cruel They want you to want the power so you won't be kind Sorry means mothing to you it won't even pacify So why don't you try forgiveness Try Forgiveness


The 3rd full length album from This Side of Anarchy. Includes 5 new songs and includes all songs from previous EPs Question Everything and Insatany in which some have been updated and remixed and others are as on original.


released December 14, 2021


all rights reserved



This Side of Anarchy Los Angeles, California

The culmination of one man's journey through The Pinnacle of Punk Rock from the 80s through the new millennium until now. Having diverse origins in rock, pop, blues, heavy metal, and Punk, Dennis revised his craft and developed a sound all his own and is now ANGRIER than ever at our society's state of affairs. Has been recently described as old fashioned mosh rock and classic counterculture. ... more

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