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From MRR 370
This CD certainly has no time for subtlety. Here we have fourteen songs of easily digestible political punk. Sort of the same way the PIST were. Political songs that are so straightforward, they actually become clique (or even worse, an unintentional parody of the genre). If you're super young, this could be a fun listen. But for all the folks out there who are no longer a fourteen-year-old with an AUS-ROTTEN back patch, this kind of stuff just seems so obvious that it becomes boring. It is true that the government just wants our money (as one song suggests) but if you are going to be the 34,481st band to write a song on that topic, ya gotta give us something a little bit more nuanced. Although, if you are one of the many punks out there who spend a fair amount of time staring longingly at your old PIST tattoo, THIS SIDE OF ANARCHY might help fill that void in your life. And while the songs' delivery may be a bit heavy handed, these songs do rock pretty hard.


released December 13, 2013


all rights reserved



This Side of Anarchy Los Angeles, California

This Side of Anarchy is from Los Angeles and currently consists of Dennis who writes, performs, records, and produces everything which is consistent with his total do-it-yourself attitude. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles in the late 80's he joined Southern California Punk Band Society Gone Madd! After that he is now angrier than ever at how bad society is and is expressing it through music ... more

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Track Name: 1917

In 1917
There was a prophecy
It's coming true
Here's what to do
You gotta believe
In the three
Know what’s true
Live your life anew

Communism's errors
Have spread around
You’ve taken our freedom
You’ve beat us down
You take from the young
And let evil abound
You take our guns
So you can take us down

Hell is not a dream
The war to end all war
Another was in store
Freedom to believe
Taken with no reprieve
Many went astray
Still the same today

Telling me your lies are truth
Doing that by falsifying your proof
You haven’t made your case
So you have to Legislate with hate

Makes me want to scream
Communism ruins all lands
We gotta make a stand
You’ve taken our freedom
to believe what we believe
We’ve gone so far astray
Only you can save the day
Track Name: Slave of the State
Slave of the State

I work all night & I work all day
The Government makes me pay

I'm a Slave, Slave, Slave of the State
I'm a Slave, Slave, Slave of the State
Trapped, gotta get me outta this gate
I'm a Slave, Slave, Slave of the State

We spend our lives working for you
There's something I gotta do
I can't stand it anymore
My life is such a bore!

Going on thirty, still living at home
Can't get a place of my own

I'm a Slave, Slave, Slave of the State
I'm a Slave, Slave, Slave of the State
Trapped, gotta get me outta this gate
I'm a Slave, Slave, Slave of the State

If this is what you call free
Won't you just let me be
Working for you is such a chore
I just gotta have more

Tax me on this, tax me on that
You treat me like I'm a fat cat
Track Name: Generation What's Next
Generation What's Next

Generation hero
Of world war two
Sacrificed themselves
To save the Jew

Generation zero
You just destroyed
Didn't appreciate
The good you enjoyed

Generation What's Next
Do something or we’ll die
Generation What's Next
Do something, at least give it a try

Generation X
Don't know what to do
Handed everything
Don't have a clue

Generation Y
They are so blind
Can't tell right from wrong
Don't seem to mind

Generation What's Next
You are our only hope
Generation What's Next
Our last and final hope
Track Name: Garbage In Garbage Out
Garbage In Garbage Out

Garbage in
Garbage out
you’re hearing lies
there is no doubt
Heads I win
Tales you lose
Spin the spin
Abuse the truth

Knowledge is power
Only if it's true
Don’t believe everything
That they teach in school

The Court Jester
Is now the King
Lawyers & Unions
Control everything
They make more money
Telling their lies
They don’t care
If you DIE

Knowledge ain’t power
when it’s a LIE
Don’t believe anything
Their common sense has gone awry

Functional idiot
with no brain
you are so elite
you treat me with disdain
You’re full of hate
And say it’s love
You call good evil
And what’s evil good
Track Name: Stop Electing Idiots
Stop Electing Idiots
Stop Electing Idiots
Stop Electing Idiots
Stop Electing Idiots
Track Name: Repeal All Laws
Repeal All Laws

Repeal all laws begin again
Then make a few with Common Sense
Repeal all laws begin again
We’ll regain our freedom then

Too Many Laws are out of date
Too many laws are full of hate
Too many laws that don’t create
Too many laws it’s a big mistake

Repeal all laws begin again
We all win in the end
Repeal all laws begin again
Then our freedom will extend

Things aren’t working
Can't you see
Life is better when we’re free
Too many Laws tell me
what to do
I’ve had it I am through

Regulations, can’t you see
Only hurt you and me
Why can’t you let me be
And stop your tyranny

Your doctrine is based on fear & death
wanna to control my every breath
Your tactic is not going to work on me
It’s my life and I want to be free

Why am I being sued,
Can’t live the life I choose,
Now I am telling you
That I refuse

Repeal all laws begin again
Repeal all laws begin again
Repeal all laws begin again
Repeal all laws begin again
Track Name: Nothing's Perfect
Nothing's Perfect

Life's not fair
you can't make it be
Nothing's perfect
Come back to reality
No such thing
as heaven on earth
realize that
& you won't be hurt

Nothings Perfect
Can't you see
Realize that
'N you'll be free
Nothings perfect
things go wrong
Mistakes and failure
Make us strong

You can’t protect me
from my pain
You can’t protect me
from everything
Good intentions aren’t enough
Face reality
There’s no Utopia

The end justifies the means
Is just bad philosophy
Hell is paved with good intents
Gotta use some common sense

Life won’t get perfect
by controlling me
Gotta stop forcing
Your Morality
You dream of things
that just can’t be
No Sympathy
for Stupidity

Stop forcing
your morality on me
Track Name: It's All About the Money
It's all about the money

Breast Cancer, AIDS
Alar, Oatmeal, Eggs
Global Warming, 2nd hand smoke
Silicon Implants, tell me another joke
Dirty Water & air, trying to make me despair
The list is endless, lying to make me care.

How many lies must we hear
Before we learn
Lying to make the world better
Only makes it worse

It's all about the money
They want to control
Trying to rule with fear
That's their goal

Government’s not the answer
It's the problem
They take your money
And then your freedom

Heads they win tails we lose
They win no matter what we do
Track Name: Perpetually Pissed Off
Perpetually Pissed Off

I’m sick of you
telling me what to do
Perpetually Pissed Off

You wanna keep me
From having fun
Perpetually Pissed Off

You’re just bored
with nothing to do
Perpetually Pissed Off

All my life you’re taking
freedom from me
Perpetually Pissed Off

A product of my environment
Perpetually Pissed Off

Society has Gone really Mad
Perpetually Pissed Off
Track Name: Gotta Change Your Tude
Gotta Change Your 'Tude

If you're always angry
Always feeling down
Things never go your way
There's only one thing to do!

Gotta change your attitude!
Dude, Gotta change your 'tude
Ya Wanna stop feelin' blue?
Just gotta change your tude!

Don't take things so hard
Gotta just lighten up
You don't wanna be scarred for life
You know what you gotta do

Happiness is your obligation
Most people just don't see
It's something that can be changed
Just will to be happy!
Track Name: What Rights
What Rights

Rights! Rights! Rights!
What Rights?!

Stop taking my Freedom from me
Give me back my Liberty
Don’t tell me what to buy or eat
This nanny state wants to take care of me

Stop the Train let me get off
The train to insanity has got to stop
Liberalism’s felt not really thought
Listen to me and you won’t be fraught

Your rights don’t come from the state
If they did they could take them away
What I crave is Freedom and Liberty
That’s just this side of Anarchy
Track Name: It's My World
It’s my world
Stay out of it
Track Name: Why?

Is there such a thing as a supreme being
There has to be, how then did we evolve?
This is such a mystery, why all the secrecy?
Why don't we know, I know this can be solved

Did God make us or did we make Him?
Are we victims of ignorance
Passed down through the ages?
We can change if we know The Truth
God made us we didn’t make Him?

We give life, we take it away, No one is here to stay.
We live, we die, For it there's not much to show
We're put on this earth to choose.
We've got everything to lose.
Heaven or hell, it is your choice where you go

I want to know -- Why we live. Why we die. Why we rejoice.
Why we laugh. Why we cry. Why we have a choice.
Track Name: Times Have Changed
Times Have Changed

Times have changed
Times are strange

- - - again

The more things change
The more they’re the same

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